Heated-Cuff Manguito Calefactado para Celdas de Pilas de Combustible


Scribner Associates


Manguito Calefactado para celdas y pruebas de Pilas de Combustible de Scribner

Nuevo accesorio para los fuel cell test systems de Scribner.

Se colocan en los manguitos del ánodo y cátodo de la celda PEMFC para evitar la condensación.

The Heated Cuff Accessory is designed to neatly wrap around the fitting between the PEMFC and the heated line of the fuel cell test system, heating the fitting to prevent condensation.
The rubber booties that we historically provided for this purpose work satisfactorily under most conditions but we can no longer source the material. The Heated Cuffs are an excellent solution to this problem. They are very easy to install, and keep the fitting toasty warm (but not too warm). They are warm to the touch but not warm enough to be a burn hazard. The universal power supply means it will work anywhere in the world. 


 Eliminate cold spots that cause condensation
 Easy-to-install
 Low power and safe
 Designed for 850/840 Fuel Cell Test Systems & PEMFC hardware
 Universal power supply (100-240V, 50-60 Hz)

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