850BP+HT Unidad de Presión de Salida de Alta Temperatura (Back Pressure Alta Temp.)


Scribner Associates


Scribner Associates

AlphaOmega-Electronics dispone las mejores Estacionesde Pruebas para Pilas de Combustibley a los mejores precios.

Use the model 850BP+HT with our 850e Turn-Key Fuel Cell Test System.  
  • Rugged all 316L stainless steel construction
  • Forced air radiator for complete water condensation
  • Precision stainless steel backpressure regulators to 207 kPa (30 psi)
  • Pressure tested to 414 kPa (60 psi)
  • Condensate collection tank sight glass for water-level monitoring
  • Isolated anode and cathode flow paths
  • Large thermal load capacity in case of accidental rapid release of superheated steam
  • Drain-down floor standing model for constant pressure

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