EQ3 Equitensiômetro para medir o Potencial da Matriz


Delta T


Equitensiómetro: Mede o teor de água do material matricial.

881,00 €

O Sensor mede: Potencial de matriz
Sinal de Saída: 0-1V diferencial
Energía: 5 a 15V, 20mA por 1s


Matric Potential


±10kPa over 0 to -100kPa,

±5% of reading over -100 to -1000kPa

Rango de medida

0 to-1000kPa (-10bar)

Tipos de Suelo

Not detectable if the change of matric potential is slower than 0.1kPa/min

Soil types

Suitable for all non-saline soil types

Señal de Salidal

0-1V differential, non-linear.
(Calibration data and graph supplied with each sensor)

Salida compatible con

GP1, GP2, DL6, DL2e, HH2

Temperatura (EQ3 must be fully buried to accurately measure soil temp)

Precisión Sensor

±0.5°C over 0-40°C
not including logger or cabling error


Resistance: 5.8kΩ to 28kΩ

Salida compatible con

GP1, GP2, DL6 1, DL2e, HH2

Cabling error
(for temperature readings)

Negligible for GP1, GP2 & DL6 (100m cable limit)
Negligible for DL2e (with 5m cable) 2

Longitud máx del cable

100m (GP1, GP2 & DL6 data loggers)
100m (DL2e: water content measurement)
25m (DL2e: temperature measurement)

Power requirement

5 to 15V, 20mA for 1s

Rango Operativo

-0 to +40°C
(Not damaged by use in frozen soils)




181mm x 40.5mm dia./260 gm
(without cable)

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