U30-NRC-ENERGY Registrador HOBO USB para Energía y Potencia (5 a 15 canales)



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Tipo de Instrumento Estación Meteorológica

Sistema de Registro de Datos HOBO U30 vía USB de 12-bits de resolución con 5 canales para sensores inteligentes.
 · Hasta 10 canales/15 canales para sensores inteligentes (5 standard, 5 opcionales, expandible hasta 15 canales)
 · 500.000 lecturas de memoria no-volátil con intervalo de medida seleccionable por el usuario
 · Alarmas con salida por relé configurable por el usuario 
 · Batería recargable de 10 Amperios/h de 3-5 años de vida útil, dependiendo de las condicones de uso 

Distribuidor Oficial Autorizado de los Productos de Onset Computer Corporation en España desde hace màs de 25 años. 

Onset Data Loggers España 

Onset Computer Corporation

Rango operativo normal: -20°C a 60°C

Entradas para Sensores Inteligentes: 5 standard, 10 con opción (expandible hasta 15 canales)

Smart Sensor Compatibility: Compatible with most Onset smart sensors

Canales de Datos: Máximo de 15 (some sensors use more than one data channel)

Relé de Salida de Alarma: Can be configured to be activated, deactivated or pulsed on user-defined sensor alarms. The relay can be configured as normally open or normally closed, and is rated for 30 V and 1 amp max.

Expansion Slot: One expansion slot is available for factory-installed expansion port.

Local Communication: Full Speed USB via USB mini-B connector

Size: 17.8 H x 11.7 D x 19.3 W cm

Weight: 2 kg
Materials: Outer Enclosure: ABS blend with stainless steel hinge pins and bronze inserts
Inner Enclosure: Polycarbonate with bronze inserts
U-Bolts: Steel with zinc dichromate finish
Gaskets: Silicone rubber
Cable entry channel: EPDM rubber
Cable entry bars: Aluminum with ABS plastic thumb screws

Data Storage Memory: Nonvolatile flash data storage, 512K bytes local storage

Memory Modes: Stop when full, wrap around when full

Operational Indicators: Up to six (depending upon options) status lights provide basic diagnostics

Logging Interval: 1 second to 18 hours, user-specified interval

Tipo de Batería: 4 Volt, 4.5 AHr ó 10 AHr opcional, Rechargeable sealed lead-acid

Rechargeable Battery Service Life: Typical 3–5 years depending upon conditions of use. Operation within the extended operating range (but outside the normal range) will reduce battery service life.

Time Accuracy: 0 to 2 seconds for the first data point and ±5 seconds per week at 25°C (77°F)

Environmental Rating: Weatherproof enclosure, tested to NEMA 6. (Requires proper installation of cable channel system)

Mounting: 3.8 cm (1.5 inch) mast or wall mount

Enclosure Access: Hinged door secured by two latches with eyelets for securing with user-supplied padlocks

Sensor Network Cable Length: 100 m (328 ft) maximum

External Power: External power is required. The system optionally accepts the following Onset solar panels:

  • SOLAR-1.2W
  • SOLAR-3W
  • SOLAR-6W

Alternatively it accepts an AC power adapter:

  • AC-U30

Optional Analog Sensor Port Specifications

Input Channels: Two, single-ended

Field Wiring: Two- or three-wire via screw terminals on detachable connector, 16–24 AWG.
Replacement detachable connectors: Part of spares kit, Part No. A-FS-CVIA-7P-1

Input Range: User-configurable: 0–20 mA DC, 0–20 VDC (suitable for 2.5, 5, 10V sensors)

Minimum / Maximum Input Voltage: 0 / 24 VDC

Minimum / Maximum Input Current: 0 / 24 mA DC

Minimum Current Source Impedance: > 20 KΩ

Accuracy: ± 0.25% of FSR from 50mV to FSV

ADC Resolution 12 bits

Excitation Power: Switched 12 VDC, up to 50 mA; user-selectable warm-up from 5msec to 2 minutes

 · Caja intemperie NEMA 6 con accesorios para montaje en mástil

Sensores Compatibles. (algunos sensores no-inteligentes pueden requerir alimentación externa o amplificador de señal).

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