PA-2000I-Hybrid Analizador de Partículas - Híbrido View larger

PA-2000I-Hybrid Analizador de Partículas - Híbrido




Instrumento para: Partícula (Tamanho)
Função: Analisador Tamanho Partículas

PA2000i, tamaño de partícula y analizador de forma.
El canal de PA2000i láser es una técnica sencilla para determinar la distribución de tamaño de micro partículas (0.1 - 3.600 micras)
Software paquetes: Windows XP, MS Office, compatible con paquete de S/W PA2000i
El canal de Video PA2000i realiza las partículas 2-D
Dinámica tamaño y forma de análisis de un gran tamaño gama (1-5.000 micrones)
Gama de concentración: hasta 10 ^ 9 partículas/cc (para partículas de 1μm).
Células de medición modular: líquidos, emulsiones, polvos, fibras, partículas magnéticas, en seco aerosoles y líquidos calientes
Partícula presentación fases: líquido, fases secas y aire.



Measured parameters

Particle Size and/or Shape

Total particle size range

0.1-5000 μm

Concentration range

Up to 10? particles/cc (for 1μm particles)

Particle presentation phases

Liquid, dry and airborne phases

System dimensions & weight

740L x 420W x 240H (mm), 14 Kg


2mW HeNe, 632.8 nm, Silicon PIN Photodiode Detector

Laser resolution

0.33% of full scale, up to 0.2 μm

Video illumination

Synchronized strobe light, adjustable intensity & duration

Video resolution

B&W CCD camera, NTSC 640x480 pixels, PAL 768x572 pixels

Software Packages

Windows XP, MS Office, PA2000i compatible S/W package


21 CFR part 11 compliant


Compliant to numerous ISO-methods

Modular measurement cells

Liquids, emulsions, dry powders, fibers, magnetic particles, heated liquids and aerosols

Available Accessories

Automatic liquid flow controller, dry powder disperser, dry powder feeder, temperature controller, aerosol controller and compatible PC


100-130V, 205-240V, 50/60Hz, 100VA


Application Examples:




Soil, clay, sand, kaolin.


Ocean water, tap water, waste water, dust, membrane filtration, flocculation.

Pharma & Bio-tech

Powders, suspensions, syrups, emulsions, pastes, micro-carriers, injectable solutions, collagen, microcapsules, drug powders.


Pesticides, dispersants, catalysts, resins, emulsions, preservatives.

Ceramics and Metals

Alumina, silica, magnetic powders, tungsten, sintered products, stainless steel, strontium, cobalt.


Coal, fuels, slurries, shale oil emulsions, fly ash.

Food Products

Emulsions, fine powders, beer, coffee, chocolate, ground products, agglomerated crystals, flour, peanut butter, corn-flakes.

Heavy Industry

Polymers, oil droplets, wear particle, chalk, fillers, toners, pulp & paper, coatings, pigments, PVC, paint.

Life Science

Bacteria, smears, yeast, inhalation toxicology, cell research, algae growth, blood analysis.

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