XE-SH y XE-SH-UV Sample HoldersWALZ




AlphaOmega-Electronics dispone de los mejores Sistemas de Fotosintesis en las Plantas y a los mejores precios.

Sample holders are placed in the optical unit of the XE-PAM instead of a cuvette. They are utilized to position small solid samples for fluorescence excitation/detection at 90° angle. The XE-SH holder is suited for 6 mm diameter leaf or thallus disks and permits actinic illumination via fiberoptics using bottom port of the ED-101US/M unit. The XE-SH-UV is designed for measurements of UV-excited chlorophyll fluorescence to determine epidermal UVscreening. It has a triangular cross-section and a 12 mm diameter recess for leaf discs.

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