M-NDVI Brazo para Sensores de Luz




40,00 €

NDVI Brazo para hasta 4 Sensores de Luz

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This bracket is used to mount two PAR sensors (Part# S-LIA-M003) and two solar radiation sensors (Part# S-LIB-M003) on the Light Sensor Bracket (Part# M-LBB) for making the measurements needed to calculate the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI).

NDVI monitoring systems are used to provide ground-based verification of satellite NDVI measurements and to fill in when satellites are not available. NDVI systems are also used to monitor crop health and to estimate yields.


  • Makes it easy to mount Onset’s light sensors for NDVI measurements
  • Ensures accurate sensor mounting geometry

Environment: The M-NDVI Mounting is for use in Outdoor environments

75mm x 114mm (3' x 4.5')

62 gm (2.2 oz)

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