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DS9490R Adaptador 1-Wire para "Cable Blue Dot" para iButton




DS1402DX DS9490R  Adaptador 1-Wire para "Cable Blue Dot" para iButton

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Este adaptador 1-Wire (Ref. DS9490R) ejecuta el protocolo entre el puerto USB del PC y el protocolo 1-Wire. Se conecta entre el puerto USB y el 'Cable Blue Dot'.
The DS9490R is a USB bridge with 1-Wire RJ11 interface to accommodate 1-Wire receptacles and networks.
The DS1402D-DR8 (Blue Dot) can readily be used in conjunction with the DS9490R to create an iButton PC reader.
The DS9490R adapter is based on the DS2490 USB to 1-Wire bridge chip.

  • High-Speed 12Mbps Universal Serial Bus (USB) Interface
  • Supports Standard and Overdrive 1-Wire® Communication
  • Slew-Rate-Controlled 1-Wire Timing and Active Pullup for Improved 1-Wire Network Performance
  • RJ11 Interface for Standard Connectivity Accessories such as the DS1402D-DR8
  • Built-In Custom DS2401 Identification Chip
  • Reads all 1-Wire and iButton Devices. Writes All Except EPROM 1-Wire/iButton Devices


  • iButton Initialization and Download - Loggers like the Thermochron® can be missioned and downloaded. Monetary iButtons can be refilled with money.
  • Demonstration - Demonstrate the features of iButtons or 1-Wire chips on personal computers.
  • Development - Aid development of 1-Wire applications by providing a PC interface to verify device contents and state.

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