CM-0016 Registrador para CO2, Temp. & Humedad Relativa


CO2 Meter


Registrador Portátil CM-0016 para CO2, Temperatura y Humedad Relativa de 1% (ver otros modelos disponibles).

Diseñado para medir hasta 1% de Dióxido de Carbono (10,000ppm), temperatura, y humedad relativa en lugares remotos. Puede 'despertar', tomar las lecturas, almacenarlas y volver a dormirse.

The battery operated logger can save up to 15,000 data points at a time, including date, time, CO2, temperature and %RH.

In addition, the data logger has a built-in audible (80db) alarm and a LCD back-lit display that provides visual indication of the current CO2 conditions; Green, Yellow, and Red. The alarm is set by default for LEED levels, but can be user programmed to other standards like OSHA.

This combination of functions provides for a portable monitor alarm system meeting the requirement of Indoor air quality surveys as well as a OSHA safety alarm device.

Free Easy-to-use Software for Download

This data logger is compatible with CO2 Meter's fully-featured data acquisition system (DAS) software. This software has been built from the ground up to allow for easy configuration, data collection, and calibration of your data logger. Available free of charge on our website, this software allows you to download logs, analyze and export your data in report form or as a .CSV file to import into a spreadsheet or industry-standard data logging package.

  • Medida CO2: non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)
  • Rango de Medida: 0 – 10,000 ppm
  • Sampling Method: diffusion
  • Data logging: 15 seconds to 18 hours sample interval
  • Accuracy: ± 30ppm ± 3% of measured value
  • Feild calibration utility via supplied s/w to N2 or 400 PPM
  • Memory: 15,000 log entries maximum, includes time stamp, CO2, Temp, %RH
  • Sensor Life Expectancy: > 10 years
  • Maintenance Interval: no maintenance required
  • Size: 5.75×5.6×1.3in (146×91×33mm)
  • LCD displays CO2 in PPM, Temp, and %RH


  • 4 AA batteries (not included)

Communications Cable

  • USB A to USB Mini-B (5-pin) cable
  • One cable can be used for multiple sensors

System Requirements

  • Windows XP SP2 or later
  • Microsoft .Net 3.5 Run time Libraries


  • 1 Year

Hydrophobic Vent Filter Kit - For high-humidity environments, these hydrophobic filters cover the inside vents to allow air flow but keeps out humidity that affects the sensor. Use in caves, mines or anywhere humidity is very high (> 95%). Easy to install, each kit contains a set of filters for 1 unit.

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