M600V Warming System for perioperative temperature management.



What is the hypothermia?
Hypothermia is defined by Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP) as a core body temperature less than 36℃. It occurs for a number of reasons , including:
Patients getting cold on the ward when waiting to go to theatre
The use of non-warmed intra-venous ( IV ) a nd irrigation fluids
Operating room temperature
Exposure of the body interior during surgery

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Instrument for: Homogenizer
Function: Veterinary Warming System

The M600V system consist of a Veterinary Warming System and warming blanket.
The unit is connected by a rubber hose to the blanket that is heated by circulating warm air, thus maintaining a patient's core body temperature.

Anesthetized patients are unable to regulate their own temperatures. Animals will experience the greatest amount of heat loss immediately after induction and during the first 20 minutes of the surgery.

The Airwarming system is mainly used to prevent and treat hypothermia, it could be used before, during and after surgical or dentistry operations.

Airwarming system M600V highlights:
1. The APP of M600V Airwarming system controls the device, stores and transfers the data via a cellphone or tablet.
2. The air pump / generator is German made and therefore very stable.
3. The filter use time of the M600V is up to 2000 hrs.

Helps to maintain pets temperature before, during and after surgery.
Reduces pre-oprerative period danger.
5 Levels of temperature therapy: (Ambient, 32°C, 35°C,38°C or 41°C, Ambient Air).
Accurate air temperature delivery with hose-end temperature sensing.
Quiet, comfortable operation, safe and cost effective.
The air cushion that adopts a honeycomb mesh double layer structure is soft and durable, fits the body, and can facilitate uniformity.

M600V Includes:
- 1 x Main machine
- 1 x Reusable blanket

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