FS4309 Oxygen O2 Transmitter, active output (0-10V) View larger

FS4309 O2 Transmitter with active output (0-10V)


Fuehler Systeme


     0… 25% vol. optional 0… 100% vol.
     active output, 0-10V
     LCD Display

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With Display LCD
IP Classification IP65
The Sensor measures: O₂
Output Signal: 0 - 10 Vdc
Power Supply: 24 Vdc

The oxygen sensor detects the O2 content in the ambient air and converts this measured value into a linear output signal 0-10 V.
As an option the temperature transducer has two potential-free changeover contacts and a backlit display. The display content can be rotated in 90 ° steps using a menu and the measured value, the switching threshold set, the state of the respective relay, the MIN / MAX measured values for the selected intervals (1 h / 6 h / 12 h / 24 h) etc. can be read out.

FS4309 specs

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