TR71A 2-channel Wireless LAN / USB Temperature Logger




The TR71A is a temperature logger with two available sensor connections and can measure from -60 to 155 ℃. The wide range of optional sensors provides greater measurement flexibility.

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On the TR71A, the LCD screen allows simultaneous display of the current values of two channels, the highest and lowest values of channel 1, or the highest and lowest values of channel 2. The ALM icon on the LCD screen alerts the user of the occurrence of an alarm.

Use the wireless LAN feature to automatically upload data to the cloud for anytime, anywhere access and warning notices. Connect to a PC with a USB cable to download the recorded data and make configuration changes.

The software application used with the TR71A has a "Vaccine Mode", which meets or exceeds the CDC requirements for HRV, and is useful for monitoring and recording vaccine temperatures. TR71A is useful not only in research laboratories and hospitals, but also in homes, offices, and other industries.

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