NanoBio200 Full Wavelength (190-1000nm) Ultra Microvolume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer




Optosky Manufacturer provides COVID-19 measurement instruments

- Nucleic acids, Proteins, Cell Solution
- Sample volume per time: 0.5-2 μl
- Fast Measure:<3s
- Broad Spectral Range:190-1000nm
- Full Touch Screen Operate, Easy-to-Use
- 7”HD capacitive touch screen
- Long life span source up to 10 years
- Embedded high performance micro spectrometer
- High stability pulsed xenon light source
- Advanced algorithm
- Self-built modeling function by user
- USB data output

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Type UV-Vis spectrophotometer
Spectral Range: 190-1000nm
Sample Volume 0.5 ~ 2 μl

Optosky Assistance for COVID-19 Virus Detection

NanoBio200 is a full wavelength (190-1000nm) ultra microvolume UV-Vis spectrophotometer, which is self-designed by Optosky.
It bases on 20-year experience in developing spectrometer plus Hamamatscu pulsed xenon lamp, it’s a successful spectrophotometer can fast measure nucleic acids, protein and cell solution.
Its easy-to-use, sample volume requires only 0.5 ~ 2 μl.
It does no require preheating and it can fast clear out residue sample, no cuvette or other sample positioning fixture, no dilution etc.

NanoBio200 Ultra microvolume spectrophotometer, easy-to-use, pipette directly onto the sample measure detect head, close it to start measure. It can directly wipe out residue sample or recycle after completing measure. NanoBio 200 has been common instrument of many labs.

NanoBio200 ultra-microvolume spectrophotometer is mainly used to measure nucleic acids, protein. It uses high energy pulsed xenon light source give spectral measure of 230nm, 260nm, 280nm.

NanoBio200 operates under Android software with a 7" capacitive touch screen. It does not require to connect to a PC but operates individually.
It can output by USB, convenient to make analysis and data storage by users.

Absorbance Accuracy 1% (7.332 Abs at 260 nm)
Absorbance Precision 0.003 Abs
Absorbance Range 0.04 ~ 300 (10 mm)
Sample Volume 0.5 - 2.0 μL
Measurement Cycle ~ 3 seconds
Optical Path Length 1.0 mm
Wavelength Range 190 ~1000 nm
Detector Type 2048 pixel linear CCD array
Wavelength Accuracy 1 nm
Wavelength Resolution ≤ 2 nm (FWHM at Hg 546 nm)
Minimum Detection Limit 2 ng/μL (dsDNA)
Max Concentration 15,000 ng/μL (dsDNA)
DNA range 2 ~ 4500ng/ul (dsDNA)
Surface Construction 303 stainless steel and quartz fiber
Operation System Android OS
Screen Type Capacity Touch Panel
Screen Size 7’’
Screen Resolution 1920 X 1080
Built-in Li-battery span 6 hrs
Li-ion Battery capacitor 55 Wh
Operating Voltage 12V DC
Power Consumption 9W
Standby Power 3W
Dimensions 290 X 210 X 220 mm
Weight 3.6kg

- Scientific Research Labs

- Hospital

- Bio Lab

- Chemical Lab

- Environment Measure

- Environmental Science

- Biochemical Science

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