EcoQube, a comfortable radon instrument for houses and apartments




Radonova introduces Ecosense Inc.'s EcoQube radon instrument aimed primarily at individuals who want to easily monitor how radon levels change throughout the day.

The new radon instrument: the EcoQube
EcoQube, a radon instrument that allows you to see diurnal variations in the concentration of radon gas.
Radon measurement in Homes and Refurbishments

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Type of Instrument Gas Analyzer
The instrument measures: Radon

EcoQube can be used by homeowners who have installed a radon exhaust fan and want to see the effect of the exhaust fan when it is turned on and off."

Although the EcoQube is a useful radon instrument, it is not a substitute for long-term measurements that provide a very accurate annual average.
This is the kind of measurement needed to see what health risk long-term exposure to radon gas may have.
For this type of measure, it is necessary to follow the existing protocols in force in Spain, such as the one indicated by the Technical Code or the CSN safety guide 11.04.
EcoQube, a radon instrument that allows you to see diurnal variations in radon gas concentration

Unlike other radon monitoring instruments designed for individuals, the EcoQube makes it possible to see the variation of radon levels during the day with a temporal resolution of one hour. Other devices in common use are not capable of it.

The EcoQube provides an excellent integration time of 10 minutes, showing after 1 hour more than 80% of the true value for a radon level of 200 Bq/m3. We can compare this with other instruments for commercial use that require 24 hours to achieve the same degree of precision.

An independent test of the EcoQube radon instrument by the University of Kansas shows:

“If you want to observe the hour-by-hour evolution of the presence of radon, you need a sensitive and fast detector, which the EcoQube has proven to be,” says Dag Sedin, a radon expert at Radonova Laboratories.

However, the EcoQube differs from professional instruments in that it lacks individual calibration.

An energy spectrum cannot be obtained either, which prevents analysis of radon daughters, thus providing a slower response time to rapid changes in radon level. Also, the radon instrument will stop measuring if the power or Wi-Fi connection goes out.

The EcoQube:
The first data is obtained after 10 minutes and a reliable result can be accessed in one hour, to compare with other instruments that can take up to 24 hours.
Accuracy superior to other home devices, with an industry-leading radon measurement sensitivity of 40 counts per hour at 50 Bq/m3 (that's 30 times more sensitive than leading radon monitoring instruments). typical domestic environment within the industry).
Unit offers statistical accuracy over a one-hour averaging period of better than ±15% (at 200 Bq/m3, 1 div. st.)
Wi-Fi connection: The instrument connects easily to the home Wi-Fi router. No other wireless equipment is required.
The phone app (Android and iOS) allows you to monitor the radon level in real time anywhere and anytime.
A compact and simple cubic design that fits in the palm of your hand. The slim and modern appearance of this instrument makes it easy to place in the home.
An ideal solution for monitoring the change in the radon level after a radon reduction action or a change in ventilation.

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Do not forget that the only way to know your radon level is through a measurement.

And remember to always use an ISO 17025 accredited radon measurement service.

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