LAQUAtwin Ionized Calcium Pocket Meter Kit Ca‐11C for animal blood




LAQUAtwin Ca‐11C for animal blood with 2 x Y052L, 2 x Y052H, 3 x #251, wash bottle and carrying case.

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Sensor IP Rating IP67
Sensor for use in: Outdoor
Instrument for: Medicine and Health
Parameters Measured Ionized Calcium

Hypocalcemia is one of the most common disorders affecting dairy cows at the onset of lactation.
It is characterized by decrease in blood calcium below normal level. Stricken cows may have it with symptoms (clinical hypocalcemia or milk fever) or without symptoms (subclinical hypocalcemia). Ionized calcium (iCa) is the physiologically active form of calcium in blood.
It reflects more accurately the current calcemic blood situation compared to total blood calcium as it equals the free available calcium ions.
By measuring the ionized calcium levels of  blood samples directly near the cow, the treatment of dairy cows can start sooner preventing debilitating symptoms or complications.

The new LAQUAtwin Ca-11C has been specially developed for cow-side measurement of ionized calcium in blood. It is ideal for screening dairy cows for hypocalcemia.

-  Minimum sample volume: 0.3ml
-  Up to 2 calibration points
-  Auto standard recognition: 1.25 & 2.50 mmol/L calcium ion
-  Auto hold / auto stable measurement
-  Auto power off: 30 mins.
-  Low battery indicator
-  IP67 Rating dust & waterproof
-  Replaceable sensor
-  150 hrs. battery life: continuous use without backlight
-  Material: ABS epoxy
-  Display: custom (monochrome) digital LCD with backlight
-  Operating conditions: 5 to 40 ºC, 85% or less relative humidity
-  Warranty: 2 years - meter, 6 months - sensor
-  Packed in handy carrying case
-  Supplied with 1.25 & 2.50 mmol/L calcium standards (25ml x 2 each), 251 cleaning solution (250ml) x 3, CR2032 batteries x 2, wash bottle, instruction and quick use manuals.

Accurate measurement from only a single drop of sample onto HORIBA's original flat sensor. LAQUAtwin product line-up offers easy, quick, and reliable measurement of 8 parameters. It brings new dimension to your water quality testing.

Model LAQUAtwin Ca-11C

Measurement Principle: Ion Selective Electrode

Minimum Sample Volume: 0.3 ml

Measurement Range: 0.1~5.0 mmol/L

Resolution: 0.1 mmol/L

Accuracy: ±20% of reading value

Calibration Points: 2 points (1.25 mmol/L and 2.50 mmol/L)

Display: Custom (monochrome) digital LCD with backlight

Operating Temperature: 5 to 40.0 ºC

Operating Humidity: 85% or less relative humidity (no condensation)

Power: CR2032 batteries (2)

Material: ABS epoxy

Dimensions: 164 x 29 x 20 mm (excluding projections)

Mass: Approx. 55 g (including sensor and batteries)

-    Auto Standard Recognition
-    Auto Hold / Auto Stable Measurement
-    Automatic Power Off (30mins)
-    Low Battery Indicator
-    IP67 Dust / Waterproof
-    Replaceable Sensor

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