MS-90 Plus+ Solar Monitoring Station without Trackers

MS-90 Plus+

Eko Instruments


- Highest precision GHI measurements and lowest uncertainty with Class A pyranometer
- DNI measurement with <5% uncertainty.
- No solar tracker required
- MODBUS 485 RTU digital output for DNI, GHI, DHI

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The Sensor measures: Solar Monitoring Station

Cost effective system combining MS-90 and MS-80 for DNI, GHI and DHI data without solar tracker.

MS-90 Plus + is the combination of two innovative EKO irradiation instruments: the DNI MS-90 sensor and the fast response Class A MS-80 pyranometer. These two instruments are connected via a special interface box (C-Box) with a GPS receiver and a processing unit. The system accurately measures DNI and GHI and calculates diffuse irradiance (DHI) from the measurement data and the position of the sun.

The system provides a digital output signal (Modbus 485 RTU) and can be easily connected to various data acquisition systems in solar power projects and weather stations (dataloggers, inverters, SCADA, etc.). It can also be connected to a PC.

The DNI MS-90 sensor has a wide spectral response (300-2500 nm) and is calibrated in the open air with a pyrheliometer.

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