Rooster Sensor100

Rooster Sensor100



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The RoosterTM Sensor100 is a next-generation air velocity and temperature sensor with a built-in touchscreen display for configuring alarm set points and output behavior. Using an instrumentation grade sensing element, the Sensor100 comes calibrated and ready to deploy. With its user-friendly, color touch-screen interface, the Sensor100 can be set-up into your building or system with unprecedented ease. The high-performance Rooster Sensor100 will provide years of service, and can also be recalibrated if desired. With its intuitive interface, users will find they do not need to refer to the manual to operate the sensor. The GUI guides the operator through procedures with on-screen instructions. Users can also add facility-specific information, such as emergency contact phone numbers and unique asset tags via the built-in USB port. To future proof your investment, firmware updates are achieved by simply plugging in to USB memory stick and power cycling unit.


  • 4% velocity accuracy, 1% repeatability of reading
  • Full-Color LCD Screen for on-screen real-time display of air velocity and air temperature
  • Wide velocity range capability, for use in face-velocity or duct-velocity applications
  • Full-time air velocity monitoring and real-time display of readings in FPM or m / s
  • Air temperature sensing included and displayed on-screen in Fahrenheit or Centigrade
  • User-friendly interface and calibration procedure with built-in help documentation
  • Customizable alarm settings for volume, delay behaviors, latching, ringback, and displayed airflow resolution.
  • USB keyboard compatible, for user based information, and alphanumeric asset tagging
  • Field upgrades and firmware updates can be installed via convenient USB port
  • Night set-back feature included for facility energy savings
  • Private labeling options available

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