400 Series - F400 Robust Air Velocity & Temperature Sensor




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The Sensor measures: Temperature / Air Velocity

The 400 series of air velocity and temperature sensors use Degree Controls' latest velocity performance technology, in a robust package designed for the precision needs of multiple markets where 24VDC supply voltage is typical. With both analog and digital outputs, which can be used simultaneously, the 400 series product line set a new standard for flexible design integration and airflow control. Our 400 Series sensors can be used to directly control fans, output velocity and temperature readings to standard display technologies, or configured as an electronic flow switch providing unprecedented accuracy, and flexibility for shaping alarm point and hysteresis design (see the S400). The 400 series uses sealed construction, conformal coated electronics, UV-resistant polymers, includes remote head options, and ships with plenum rated, sheathed cabling, which allow it to be used in a wide range of applications.

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