AO-RRFT(P)/A-D Humidity and Temperature Transducer with display with Pendular Probe




With Display.
0-100% Rel. Humidity
-30...+100°C Temp.

Output RH: 4-20mA
Output Temp.: 4-20mA
Optional Output: 2 x 0-10 V

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With Display LCD
IP Classification IP65
The Sensor measures: Temp./Rel. Humidity
Output Signal: 0-10 V or 4-20 mA
Cable Length: 2m

The AO-RRFT(P)/A humidity and temperature sensor with pendular probe measures the temperature and selectively the relative humidity, absolute humidity, air fuel ratio or dew point of the ambient air and transforms it to a linear output signal 0-10 V or 4-20 mA. The secondary measuring value is selectable from the 4 measurement categories % r.H., g/m³, g/kg, DP by a DIP switch. The humidity and temperature sensor is protected against contamination by a sinter filter. In addition, the humidity measuring instrument has an integrated heating function for sensor protection in the high humidity range of 95...99% r.H. If the relative humidity exceeds the factory-preset threshold value for more than 10 minutes, this heating function is activated. Then the sensor will be temporally heated, thus dried respectively protected against condensation. During the heating and subsequent temperature compensation phase, the output signal is kept stable on the last measurement value before the protective function was activated. The humidity and temperature transducer can be adjusted locally for fine calibration by an offset controller.

Measurement range r.H. 0...100% r.H.
Measurement range abs. humidity 0...50 g/m³, 0...80 g/m³ (calculated) selectable by DIP switch
Measurement range air fuel ratio 0...50 g/kg, 0...80 g/kg (calculated) selectable by DIP switch
Measurement range dew point -20 up to +50°C DP, -20 up to +80°C DP, 0 up to +50°C DP (calculated) selectable by DIP switch
Measurement range temp. -30...+70°C, -20...+80°C, 0...+50°C, 0...+100°C selectable by DIP switch
Accuracy ±3% r.H. (30%...70% r.H., else ±5% r.H. at 20°C), ±0,3 K (10...40°C, else ±0,5 K)
Temperature dependency < 0,02% r.H. / °C (voltage output), < 0,04% r.H. / °C (current version); < 0,05°C / 10 K (voltage version), < 0,07°C / 10 K (current output)
Long term stability ±1%/year
Sensor capacitive humidity sensor
Sensor protection screwable stainless steel sinter filter, condensation protection by heating function in the range of 95...99% r.H.
Flow rate < 2 m/s
Supply voltage at 0-10 V 24 V AC/DC (±5%)
Supply voltage at 4-20 mA 15...36 V DC (Ubmin = 15 V + RLast*0,02A)
Current consumption at 0-10 V typ. 10 mA
Current consumption at 4-20 mA max. 20 mA
Analogue output 0-10 V 3-wire connection, load current <0,1 mA
Analogue output 4-20 mA 2-wire connection (transmitter), max. RLoad(Ohm) = (+Ub - 15 V) / 0,02 A
Electrical connection screw terminals max. 1,5 mm²
Cable 2 m shielded PVC cable
Housing polyamide with snap closing screws, colour white like RAL 9010
Cable gland PG11 high-strength cable gland with strain relief
Display optional LCD-Display, to display the actual humidity and temperature
Material Pendulum: brass nickel-plated
Dimensions Protection tube: Ø 16 x 60 mm
Protection type IP65
Protection class III
Working range r.H. 0...98% r.H. in contaminant-free, non-condensing air
Working temperature Probe: -20...+80°C, Electronic: -30...+70°C
Storage temperature -20...+50°C
Installation screw fastening
Approvals CE-conformity, EAC, RoHS

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