PL200 Manual Rain Gauge 200cm2 Clase A View larger

PL200 Manual Rain Gauge 200cm2 Clase A


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Manual rain gauge "Helmann" for accurate and precise measurement (class A +) of the amount of rain, especially suitable for applications in the agro-meteorological. Easy to maintain, allows the operator to acquire immediately the measured data from the inner cylinder. The instrument is perfectly suited to be installed in areas with high rainfall and is realized of materials with high corrosion resistance.

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The Sensor measures: Rain (rain gauge)
Power Supply: Does not require
Sensor for use in: Outdoor

Rain Gauge sensor PL200 is constituted by a water collection system with funnel shape, that directs the rain in the inside measurement system.
Such system is made of a can with 3l of capacity or is represented by a plastic graduated cylinder in A or A+ class with 250ml of capacity equal to 12,5mm.
The emptying of the containers must be done periodically at intervals suggested 24h or after a heavy rain.

• Manual rain gauge 'Helmann' for measuring of precipitation

• According to WMO with 200cm surface collection

• Anodized aluminum body, white painted, sturdy and compact

• Measuring range: 0÷10mm

• Resolution: 0.05 mm

• Cylinder's accuracy: Class A 

(resolution 0.05 mm and 0.04 mm in class A to class A +)

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