855 SOFC Test System


Scribner Associates


The 855 SOFC Test system is an integrated, turn-key Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Test System. This unit has a zero volt capability for lower measurement range.  The 855 SOFC system is known for it’s high performance and accuracy.

FuelCell® Software and Experimental Methods Manual are included. Optional Impedance Spectroscopy & HFR.

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- Suitable for SOFC Button Cells and Planar Cells up to 50 cm2
- Multi-Range electronic load 5/25/50 Amps, 100 Watts
- FuelCell® software for user-friendly computer-controlled cell operation & experimentation
- Anode stainless steel humidifier and heated line
- Up to five mass flow channels for reformate simulation/gas mixing
- Includes furnace control hardware with redundant over-temperature protection
- Constant or stoichiometric-controlled reactant flow rate
- Constant current, voltage or power control modes
- Continuous cell resistance (iR) measurement
- Automatic hardware shutdown & purge gas for safe, reliable operation
- Multi-function front panel alpha-numeric display
- High impedance whole cell & reference electrode voltage sense inputs
- Cell main terminals & sense inputs tolerant of non-isolated cell
- Probostat Test Fixture and Furnace with Nextech/Fuel Cell Materials Planar Cells
- Automatic Water Fill Method (requires water feed at 30 PSIG min. or 20 PSIG above back pressure)

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