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RST Water Level Meters are used for convenient and accurate measurement of elevation of groundwater in boreholes, standpipes, and wells. They employ a high accuracy, NIST traceable, non-stretch, flat tape, permanently marked in 1 mm or 1/100 ft. graduations.

The RST Water Level Meter is supplied on a sturdy winding reel complete with a brake and carrying handle. Features include a shrouded stainless steel probe (allows accurate level determinations under cascading water conditions), a buzzer (with adjustable volume control), and sensitivity control as standard. The moisture resistant electronics and standard 9V battery are housed in the front for quick and easy access.


  • Measuring the elevation of groundwater in standpipes, boreholes, and wells.
  • An ultra-wide user defined conductivity range allows for use in different liquids ranging from pure water to neat cement grout.
  • Frontal battery (standard 9 V) compartment needs no tools for removal/battery replacement.
  • Resolution 1 mm or 1/100 ft.
  • 7 strand, 24 gauge stainless steel conductors.
  • 13 mm / 0.5 in. O.D. stainless steel probe.

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