EL380012 Fully Grouted Multi-Point Piezometer String


RST Instruments


The piezometer cable allows multiple piezometers to be installed simply and reliably in a single well. The piezometer string and slurry tubing are placed in the well and cement and bentonite slurry is pumped until the well is filled.

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Type of Instrument Multipoint Piezometer

Multipoint piezometer strings allow multiple vibrating wire piezometers to be connected on a single wire. This facilitates the installation of several fully grouted piezometers. Unique cable avoids vertical empty channels. Kevlar® (Kevlar® is a registered trademark of EI duPont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates) coated with tough polyurethane, a reinforced cable is used that does not stretch to withstand the rigors of installation and is completely water-locked to minimize any leak. No conductors are shared to maximize the independent reliability of each sensor.

Perfect when more than one reading is needed at various depths, in the same location.

Evaluate the performance and stability of:

- embankments and earth embankments
- slope stability

Tracking of:

- pressures behind retaining walls and diaphragm walls
- pore pressures during filling or excavation
- pore pressure in soil reclamation applications

- Over range: 2 X F.S.
- Resolution: 0.025% F.S. minimum
- Accuracy: 0.1% F.S.
- Operating Temperature: -20 to 80°C (-4 to 176°F)
- Diaphragm Displacement: <0.001 cc at F.S.
- Thermal Zero Shift: <0.05% F.S./°C
- Materials: Hermetically sealed stainless steel housing
- Thermistor Type: NTC 3K Ohms @ 25°C
- Thermistor Interchangeability: ±0.2°C
- Thermistor Resolution: 0.1°C
- Filter: 50 micron sintered filter

  • Ideal when more than one piezometer reading is needed at various depths – at the same location.
  • Assessing performance and investigating stability of:
    – earth fill dams & embankments
    – slope stability
  • Monitoring of:
    – pressures behind retaining walls and diaphragm walls
    – pore pressures during fill or excavation
    – pore pressure in land reclamation applications

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