AO-1802 Remote Bee Video Surveillance Kit for Bee Hives & Honey Nests




Remote Video-Surveillance and Monitoring Kit for Bees

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The Sensor measures: Video Remote monitoring of bees
Instrument for: Video Surveillance

Hive monitoring helps beekeepers help their bees

The Surveillance and Monitoring Kit for Bees consists of IP67 Video Cameras, an IP65 enclosure for the battery & charger and a Solar Panel. All cabling included.

It is the easiest way to monitor your hive, view your bees remotely and keep an eye on your hive's health.
Designed for citizen scientists who want a better future for bees

The Surveillance and Monitoring Kit is focused on backyard and rooftop beekeepers. The system does not disturb your colony or require modifications to your hive, and is easy to set up. Simply place the unit one to two feet away from the hive and point at the hive entrance.
Check your hive from anywhere

You'll be able to check in on your hive from anywhere. You can see what your bees have been up to, conduct your own experiments and get measurable results. Imagine being able to measure the rate of your bees' spring build up, observe trends, and setting an alert if your hive swarms!

AO-1802 Remote Bee Video Surveillance Kit uses a camera and computer to visually monitor what goes on at the bee hive all day, every day. Activity is measured by tracking the number of flying bees.

Colony activity patterns are tracked over time using computerized video analysis. Hours of video is automatically translated into an easy to understand, visual, real-time summary for beekeepers.

The key insight is that it's not just the 'count' of individual bees that matters, it's their flight behavior. The system does not just look at bees, it measures the behavior of the hive as a superorganism!

Pave the way for the swarm to follow. Get a production batch device and 1 year of the Analytics Platform, accessible from any device via the Web App.

You will be included in our exclusive Beta feedback panel. We'll listen to your input, and send you exclusive updates.
The Data Analytics subscription

The Data Analytics subscription includes the web app data visualization, alerts and video storage. It's the best part of the Kit - you can see the growth trends of your life, better understand your health and see daily data and video highlights from your life. It also includes access to our online community where you can see other hives on the platform!
Setup is Easy

Requires Power and WiFi. The system uses WiFi to communicate alerts, upload video, and report trending data. Setup requires access to AC power and a usable WiFi signal at the hive.

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