KIT-UX90-KWH-SCT HOBO Energy Monitoring Kit (KW/h Three Phase)




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The HOBO KIT-UX90-KWH-SCT Monitoring Kit combines the convenience and affordability of Onset’s award-winning HOBO UX90 State/Pulse Logger with the power of industry-leading WattNode sensors.

As one of the industry’s lowest-cost kWh monitoring solutions, this combination offers rapid deployment, high accuracy measurements, and is ideal for use in commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Key advantages:

•LCD display enables easy viewing of latest kWh readings
•Priced significantly less than meter-based solutions
•Flexibility to record single or three phase measurements running 240 to 480 volts AC
•Optional HOBOware Pro software easy logger set-up and scaling of WattNode data
With a very easy installation, you can be up and recording data in a no time at all. The kit, which can be custom-configured on Onset’s website, includes a HOBO UX90 State/Pulse data logger, WattNode kWh transducer, one or more current transducers, and voltage leads.

The KIT-UX90-KWH Kit is for use in Indoor environments

The KIT-UX90-KWH Kit supports the following measurements: Kilowatt Hours (kWh)

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