SYSMATRACK Complete Seismograph Kit (12 or 24 Channels)

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12 channels seismograph, expandable to 24 channels, 24 bit resolution with integrated battery.


- Seismic Down-Hole/Cross-Hole Testing
- M.A.S.W.
 -Seismic vibration monitoring
- Seismic Reflection prospecting
- Seismic exploration of refractrion type
- S.A.S.W.
- Seismic Tomography on structures
- Seismic Tomography on the ground
- Nakamura Method, HVSR, H/V
- Re.Mi / Seismic vibrations
- Passive seismic

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Type of Instrument Seismograph (Complete kit)

The kit includes everything you need to carry out seismic studies through refraction and M.A.S.W. as data processing software.

It includes:
- SYSMATRACK Seismograph

24-bit seismograph for seismic prospecting with refraction, reflection survey, active and passive MASW (Re.Mi.), SASW, Down-hole, Cross-hole methods. The unit is equipped with the acquisition card with 24 bits of resolution and is available in the 12-channel version that can be extended to 24. Two 24-pole connectors for the 12-channel seismic cables, starter connector, 12V load Carrying and USB interface (optional) for connecting notebook or PC for instrumentation management are located on the front panel. Through the management of software to be installed on all types of notebooks or PCs connected to the unit, it is possible to establish there the parameters related to the type of seismic survey to implement with speed and maximum simplicity.
- CPS1205 Serial cable for seismic prospecting

Seismic cable for the connection of the geophones instruments to Mae. Thanks to tpe cable and sheath with flexible conductors with bright yellow multipaired pur Mae are characterized by high resistance to friction and wear in General. Mueller-clip-type link bushings are encased in a special mix of plastic shells that make them strong and flexible at the same time.

Supplied complete with cable reel, transport safety, and military-grade bayonet-lock connectors for faster equipment.

The care in the design, implementation and testing of each trick before delivery to the final customer are a reliable component to carry out the investigations of the Mae matrix with simplicity and speed.

- Boot extension cable
Extension cable for starter geophone, 100 meters, cable spool included

- TRG-14 Geophone Starter
Vertical geophone boot with cable and connector.

- Seismic Hammer
Non-instrumented seismic hammer for seismic, 8 Kg

- PI200 Plate for seismic activation
-Aluminum plate
-Diameter: 200mm
-Width: 30 mm

- PSLAB Software seismic elaboration of data related to refraction or down-hole surveys

PSLAB allows the simple processing of seismic data in SEG2 format related to refraction or down-hole studies. Through a guided route, the program allows a detailed report of the survey to be obtained, accompanied by graphs and tables, from the field data. For shallow seismic analysis, identification of the depth of the refractors is based on the generalized reciprocal method (GRM), which requires a minimum of three energizations throughout the measurement and calculates the depth below each geophone and the average velocity. compression waves in seismic layers. When the identification of the first times of its arrival has been carried out, directly in seismograms with different graphic aids or manual entry in a table, the analysis of travel time graphs is made simple by an intuitive approach that provides for the observed times that It is attached to the different refractors by a simple mouse click. For the hammer technique, it is automatic,
fast loading of all files in a particular folder size. Calculation of velocities Vp and Vs is based on the interval method. The program calculates the speeds and the corresponding Poisson's modulus for each layer detected by analyzing the travel time graphs and the average Vs30 for the record of everything.

- EASY-MASW Interpretation software M.A.S.W.

- AL1215 Power 12V 1.5A

SYSMATRACK Seismograph   

- Number of channels: 12, expandable to 24 (cod. SYSMATRACK-EXP24)

- Converters: 24 bit resolution, sigma-delta technology

- Dynamic range: 144 dB (theoretical)

- Maximum distortion: +/-0.0010%

- Band width: 2Hz-30KHz

- Common mode rejection: 110 dB a 60 Hz

- Diaphony: -120dB at 20 Hz

- Noise threshold of the programmable amplifier 27nV

- Trigger precision: 1/30 of the sampling time

- Maximum range of inlet signal: +/-5V

- Inlet impedance at 1000 samples/second: 20Mohm

- Amplification levels: 0 dB, 6 dB, 12 dB, 18 dB, 24 dB, 30 dB, 36 dB that can be set singularly for each channel or for groups of channels that can be organized freely

- Anti-alias filter: -3dB, 80% of Nyquist frequency, -80dB

- Pre-trigger time: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 50, 100, 200,

300, 400, 500ms

- Sampling intervals:1/30, 1/15, 1/7.5, 1/3.75, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 10.0, 20.0 ms; 8.0, 4.0, 2.0 ms in continuous recording

- Number of samples per event: set from 1024 to 21800 with increases of 512

- Delay: on passive seismic

- Interfaces available: USB (it requires a control PC)

- Channels: configurations of 12, 24 channels. Possibility to use from 1 to the maximum number of channels installed for each acquisition

- Acquisition mode: with external trigger on all channels, in continous recording on max. 12 channels

- Test on instruments: only in laboratory

- Internal self-calibration of the converters prior to each acquisition

- Digital filters: selected automatically based on the sampling frequency

- Geophone tests: automatic check to identify interruptions of cables or broken geophones or in short circuit. Real time visualization of the signals coming from the geophones

- Data storage: in the mass memories of the control PC

- Trigger: positive, negative (optional with contact lock) with threshold regulated through a software

- Data format: SEG-2 standard (32-bit long integer) or ASCII

- Power supply: through 12V 7Ah integrated battery

- Average autonomy: 21 hours, 12 hours (24 channels)

- Average absorption: 300mA, 500mA (24 channels)

- Case: polypropylene copolymer case, equalizing pressure valve, IP67

- Environmental conditions: -20/80 °C

- Dimensions: 33.9x39.5x15.2cm

- Weight: 6Kg

- HS Code: 90158011

- Documents language: Italian, English

Compatible operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 32bit version 

- Language: Italian, English (set up)

- Software upgrade: shared online

CPS1205 Cable serie para la prospección sísmica


- Number: 12

- Spacing: 5 m

- Starting part: 5 m

- Connectors: Mueller clip

- Material: Inox AISI 304

- Diameter: 12 mm


- Conductors: tinned copper 12x2x28AWG

- Insulator: TPE

- Sheat: yellow polish PUR

- Lenght: 36 m


- Contacts: 26 gold-plated over nickel

- Installation: 3-point bayonet with 5 polarizing keys

- Certifications: military MILC-26482, JSS50813


- Cable reel: iron structure, thermoplastic reel resistant to shock and temperature changes

- Dimensions: 320x210x402mm

- Weight: 4,5Kg

- HS Code: 85444190

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