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SQ2040 SQUIRREL Data Logger

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High performance data loggers for demanding applications

SQUIRREL SQ2040 models available:
With 32 single ended inputs or 16 differential inputs, 2 fast channels at a maximum sampling rate of 100Hz including SquirrelView software for logger configuration, USB data transfer cable for connection to PC, a set of batteries and a mounting bracket.

SQ2040-2F16 WI-FI: As SQ2040 2F16 but with in-built Wi-Fi connectivity to allow direct connection to a standard PC wireless ethernet network

SQ2040-4F16: As SQ2040 2F16 but with 32 single ended inputs or 16 differential inputs, or 8 (3 or 4 wire) PT100 / PT1000 inputs and 4 fast channels (four A to D Converters) at max a maximum sampling rate of 100Hz.

SQ2040-4F16 WI-FI: As SQ2040 4F16 but with in-built Wi-Fi connectivity to allow direct connection to a standard PC wireless ethernet network

  • Fully configurable via the integrated keypad - New!
  • 128*97 dot graphical LCD display - New!
  • Compatible with B, C, D type thermocouples- New!
  • Up to 32 universal inputs
  • High precision (0.05%)
  • Advanced data management, to MMC/SD or PC
  • Flexible communications (USB, Ethernet, RS232)
  • High speed option (100Hz on 4 channels)
  • Various Remote connection options e.g. via Ethernet or dial up modem

The Squirrel 2040 series provide high performance universal data loggers packed with the same powerful features as the Squirrel 2020 series with additional high speed logging on up to four channels and twice as many universal input channels. This provides great flexibility to handle a wide range of complex and demanding multi-channel applications such as high-speed vehicle testing or engine monitoring.

The Squirrel 2040 series are easy, fast and convenient to use - either as portable, stand-alone loggers or as PC-linked data acquisition systems in industrial testing and research, scientific and environmental research and quality assurance applications.

Twin processors, multiple 24-bit A to D converters, up to 32 universal channels, removable Multi Media (MMC) or SD card memory and a choice of communications methods ensure that the Squirrel 2040 series provides state-of-the-art data logging and communication capability for sophisticated applications needs.

Key features


  • Standalone data logger or link to a PC
  • Compact and portable
  • 16 to 32 universal analogue plus 8 digital inputs
  • 16 derived/calculated channels
  • 4 alarm outputs
  • Configured via integral interface or via PC
  • 0.05% basic accuracy
  • Up to 14million readings
  • In built Ethernet networking capability
  • USB and RS232 connectivity

Analogue inputs supported

  • Thermistors
  • Thermocouples
  • Pt100/Pt1000 (maximum of eight 3- or 4-wire Pt100/1000 sensors - model 4F16 only)
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Resistance

The Squirrel 2040 series comprises two models:

Squirrel 2040-2F16

  • Up to 100 readings per second on 2 channels
  • Two 24-bit A to D converters
  • In built Ethernet connectivity

Squirrel 2040-4F16 (high speed model)

  • Up to 100 readings per second on 4 channels
  • Four 24-bit A to D converters
  • 4 pulse rate / counter inputs (2 at up to 64kHz, 2 at up to 100Hz)
  • In built Ethernet connectivity

Key Capabilities


  1. 16 to 32 universal analogue inputs for recording temperature, current, voltage and resistance

  2. Easy to use, removable connector system

  3. Power output for sensor excitation / external devices

  4. 2 high voltage channels (20, 40 or 60V) for automotive applications

  5. USB, Ethernet and RS232 connectivity for quick and easy PC and remote communication and networking

  6. Range of trigger functions via 8 digital inputs; 4 pulse rate / counter inputs Power supply – internal alkaline batteries or external DC power supply

    • 4 alarm outputs for triggering external devices


  1. To operate the logger simply use the four integral push buttons and display, or use the convenient SquirrelView set-up, download and export software – free with every Squirrel logger

  2. Large, clear 128*64 dot graphical LCD screen for easy access to reading and set-up information

  3. Robust, ergonomically designed case with easy access to all user facilities

    • Store up to 1.8 million readings in the Squirrel’s on board memory
    • Store up to 6 logger configurations. Load from a removable MMC / SD card for speed and convenience,or download data files to the card
  • Create complex schedules of logging rates, triggers and alarm outputs

  • Scale and view readings in real time on the integral display or on a PC running Excelä

  • Display readings in preferred engineering units e.g.  Hz, Bar, Pascals, Nm etc.

  • Select logging rates up to 100 readings per second on up to 4 channels (2 channels on Squirrel model 2040-2F16) or a combination of different logging rates

  • Derive up to 16 calculated (virtual) channels from real input channels using mathematical functions

  • Concurrently sample channels at different sample speeds, e.g. 100Hz, 20Hz, and 10 Hz etc   

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