Airthings-Pro wireless Radon Detector




Airthings-Pro provides you a data logger that can transfer measured values to a smartphone or PC in order to be able to print graphs.

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Environment of Use Indoor/Outdoor
Type of Logger Portable
The Sensor measures: Radón

- The instrument stores both long-term and short-term averages.
- The short-term average is stored for the most recent 24-hour period or the last week.
- All data stored on the instrument can easily be transferred wirelessly to a smartphone using Bluetooth.

Airthings-Pro is intended mainly for public buildings and workplaces, and can as well be used by occupational health services and by consultants.

The user must order Dosimeters if measuring the average annual value for radon is required. Measurements performed in this way provide the user with an accredited and approved result.

The Instrument includes:
 -   Software (USB)
 -   USB cable
 -   Calibration certificate
 -   Manual
 -   3xAA batteries
 -   Case

Airthings-Pro includes a small tripod mounting thread, which makes this radon detector compatible with a 1/4″ male tripod thread, e.g. Leica TRI 100.

The software included enables the user to analyse and document daily, weekly and monthly variations.
- Radon levels are easily analysed and you choose the periods over which measurements are recorded.
- This may be done during work or school hours when there are people in the building (e.g. Monday to Friday between 06:00 and 18:00).
- Analysis and reporting software CRA

Main Functions include:
 -   time variations as a function of radon level
 -   mean daily values
 -   sensor values for temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and shock
 -   end client reporting

Technical specifications

Measurement principle Passive diffusion chamber
Detection method Alfa spectrometry
Detector 4 silicon photodiodes in 4 distinct radon chambers
Diffusion time constant 25 min
Measurement range 0 – 50 000 Bq/m³
Measurement precision ~ 100 pulser/hour at 1 000 Bq/m³
Sampling rate 1 hour
Battery 2 AA-batterier. 1,5 of continous measurement
Environemental conditions 4°C to 40°C
5% RH to 85% RH non-condensing 50 kPa to 110 kPa
Temperature 0,2°C resolution, ± 1°C accuracy
Humidity 0,5% RH resolution, ± 4,5% accuracy
Barometric pressure 0,002 kPa resolution, ± 1 kPa accuracy
Memory Internal memory stores 5 years of data
Capacity ~ 1 900 days of measurement • 5 data sets of one year length • 177 data sets of 1-week length • 325 data sets of 2-days length
Memory type Non-volatile flash memory
Software Data is available via Android or iOS app. Also includes free reporting and analysis software for PC
Measurement accuracy <7% ± 5 Bq/m³ after 24 hours
<5% ± 2 Bq/m³ after 7 days

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