Tempmate.®-i1 Single-use TEMPERATURE INDICATOR EN12830 compliant




tempmate.®-i1 temperature indicators have been specially developed for monitoring pharmaceutical products’ cold chain. As a pre-programmed device, the tempmate.®-i1 can be immediately deployed for monitoring temperature-sensitive goods and freight. In contrast to chemical indicators, this electronic indicator’s 3 LEDs provide simple and clear feedback on the current condition of your goods.

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  • Product-based temperature monitoring throughout the entire cold chain
  • Waterproof and food-safe
  • Cost-efficient and reliable
  • Intelligent LEDs display the current status

The single-use temperature indicator tempmate.®-i1 is a worldwide standard when it comes to simply understanding if your fragile goods have been transported and stored within the set temperature parameters or not. A LED indicates the status with minimal possibility for human error. This combined with the ultra light weight, compact design and economical pricing makes tempmate.®-i1 a first choice in transportation and logistics.

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