DL18 Data Logger for Dendrometers




The DL18 is a battery powered, weather proof, 4- channel data logger. It runs on an internal battery more than one year. It is suitable for long-term monitoring tree growth.

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Number of Channels 4 channels for dendrometers
With Display No
IP Classification IP67
Communications USB
Battery Life 3 years
Memory Capacity 1.9 million measurements

ECOMATIK dendrometers are compatible with all popular data loggers (e.g. Campbell, Delta-T, DT80). We give you support for connecting our dendrometers with the data loggers.

ECOMATIK provides the dendrometer data logger DL18 which covers all features and logging options relevant for precise and efficient dendrometer measurements

Suitable for connecting 1-4 dendrometers, effects of temperature compensated, 16 bits, resolution 0.2-0.5 µm (denpendent on dendrometer types), RAM for 1 900 000 data storage (enough for one year measurement with 4 dendrometers, 1 min. measuring interval), , USB port, an internal battery lasts for more than 1 year measurement.
Ideal for long-term measurement with dendrometer.
Supplied with a weather box and protective roof.

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