HI-1660 Induction Heaters (+240ºC Max.)




Induction Heaters (+240ºC Max.)

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BALTECH HI-1660 is the industrial professional induction heater intended to heat parts before their installation (for example, bearing replacement, coupling installation, heating of gearwheels before gearbox assembling).

The main elements of the induction heater are: the induction heater on a trolley, control unit, temperature sensor, set of replaceable yokes. The induction heater enables to perform fast, easy and cost effective heating of any parts before their installation. The installed part is a secondary winding, which is heated due to magnetic induction. Bearing heating, coupling heating and installation, gearbox assembling are performed several times faster in comparison with traditional methods (hot plates, oil bath, burners, etc). BALTECH HI-1660 allows to heat parts weighing up to 350 kg with an inner diameter up to 860 mm. For example, the induction heater can be used for electric motor repair. First, the motor housing is heated, after which a stator is installed. Then bearings are installed on a shaft. If you need to heat a part over 240°C, the contact temperature sensor is not installed on the part and the heating temperature is controlled by the non-contact laser thermometer BALTECH TL-0215C. The yoke is moved on the guides and is easily input to the part hole. The induction heater BALTECH HI-1660 has the electronic timer from 0 to 99 minutes. The maximum power is 10 kVA

Modern electronic base, automatic protection from overheating and automatic demagnetization function.

The functions of the BALTECH HI induction heater: magnetic induction, digital display, sound signal, error report, heating temperature information storage, heating time control on the display, automatic demagnetization and automatic protection from overheating.

Model BALTECH HI-1660
Nominal power , kVA 10
Voltage , V/Current,А 380/25
Frequency, Hz 50
Rotatable yoke Yes
Heated part
Maximum bearing weight, kg 350
Minimum inner diameter d, mm 45
Maximum outer diameter D, mm 860
W, mm 305
H, mm 209
Yoke dimensions
Yoke width, mm 45;60;75;85;110
Yoke length, mm 450
Control panel
Temperature setting, °С
Maximum temperature, °С
Automatic power reduction Yes
Dimensions, mm 940х450х950
Heater weight (without yoke), kg 185

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