AO-262k-1000 Impedance Analyzer / LCR Meter (262 kHz) / (0.3 μS to 30 mS) / (30 Ω to 3 MΩ)




The AO-262k-1000 model (for impedance and LCR measurements up to 262 kHz) has the smallest frequency range in the product family. This model covers precision ranges of diversified impedance from 30 Ω to 3 MΩ

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Communications female BNC
Current Range 10 µS to 100 S
Impedance 262 kHz
Power Supply: 5V / 400 mA (via USB, no extra supply required)

The LCR impedance analyzer / meter are designed for measurements up to 16777 MHz (~ 17 kHz).

The Model AO-262k-1000 can be used for measurements between 1 kHz and 262 kHz.

They can be operated directly from any standard laptop or PC without the need for an additional battery power pack or main supply.

  • USB power and control:

The concept of USB power and control not only makes the instrument the smallest and most mobile of its kind, it also has fully integrated PC control and data acquisition as the standard mode of operation.

  • Facts about Impedance Analyzer:

- Data range:
30 Ω to 3 MΩ
0.3 μS at 30 mS
1 pF to 10 uF
1 nH at 10 mH

- Max. precision:
at 10 Ω <0.2%

- Frequency range:
1 kHz to 262 kHz

- Frequency resolution:
1 Hz

- Frequency stability:

- Connector type:
BNC Female

- Operability:
SinePhase measurement software or API

- Measuring points:
No limitation

- Power supply:
5V / 400 mA (via USB, no additional supply is required)

- Dimensions:
126 mm × 81 mm × 32 mm

- Weight:
0.2 kg

- Protection of the PC:
Galvanically isolated USB connection

  • General Specifications:

power consumption

5 VDC; 400mA

power source

USB port

control interface

USB port

built-in protection

USB interface galvanically isolated (1000 VDC /1min, 3000 VDC /1sec)


0.2 kg


32 x 81 x 126 mm (without connectors)

operating condition

-15 to +65 °C / 0 to 150 °F at < 80% humidity, non condensing (extended range on request)

electromagnetic compliance

emitted radiation: EN 55011, class B (stringest class)

immunity against discharge: EN 61000-4-2, criterion A (highest immunity)

immunity against EM fields: EN 61000-4-3, criterion A (highest immunity)

  • Probe Port Specifications

terminal type


output signal amplitude

measurement on: max. 316 mVp max. 9,6 mAp measurement off: no signal

probe calibration function

to compensate individual probes against series and parallel R, parallel C, series R, series L

  • Frequency Characteristics

frequency range

1 kHz to 262 kHz

frequency sweep stepwidth

1Hz to 250kHz

frequency resolution

1 Hz

absolute frequency error

typ. +/- 0,001%

  • Display Modes

impedance values

versus frequency: ΙZΙ (Impedance Magnitude), φ (Phase), R (Resistance), X (Reactance) dual plots: ΙZΙ and φ vs.Frequency, R and X vs.Frequency
complex plot: X versus R (Nyquist Diagram)

admittance values

versus frequency: ΙYΙ (Admittance Magnitude), φ (Phase), G (Conductance), B (Susceptance)

dual plots: ΙYΙ and φvs.Frequency, G and Β vs.Frequency

complex plot: B versus G (Nyquist Diagram)


Capacitance vs. Frequency


Inductance vs. Frequency

scaling options

full-scale automatically or manually settable; linear or logarithmic display option for both axis

  • Data Storage & Handling

ave/load options

- save/load measurement as data
- save/load parameter and probe calibration only
- save measurement as picture only (bmp, jpg, or png)

printing options

- graph only - full panel

data export options

- text file format(*.txt)
- Microsoft Excel file format(*.xls)
- MathWorks MatLab file format(*.mat)

  • System Requirements

minimum PC/Laptoprequirements

- 1 GHz clock rate
- 256 MByte RAM
- 300 MByte available harddrive space
- 1024 x 600 pixels resolution
- CD-ROM drive (for installation of user software)

operating system

Microsoft Windows 2000, 2003, ME, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 (other on request)

† not included

  • Measurement Range




impedance values

10mΩ to100kΩ

30Ω to1000kΩ

admittance values

10μS to 100S

1μS to 30mS


0.1pF to10mF

1pF to 10uF


0.1nH to 10H

1nH to 10mH


+90 to -90 degree; +π/2 to -π/2

+90 to -90 degree; +π/2 to -π/2

  • Measurement Accuracy (at 21-24°C / 70-75°F; warm up time 15 min)




impedance values

typical full frequency range error (shortened probe):

typical single frequency repetitive error (shortened probe):

typical 100 kHz BW error (%), full Z range:

+/-10 mΩ

+/- 1mΩ

(3mΩ/Z + Z/300kΩ•100%(Fig.1)


+/- 1Ω

(10Ω/Z + Z/10MΩ•100% (Fig.1)

admittance values

typical full frequency range error (open probe):

typical single frequency repetitive error (open probe):

typical 100 kHz BW error (%), full Y range:

+/-10 μS

+/- 1μS

(3μS/Y + Y/300S100%

+/-300 nS

+/- 30 nS

(0.1μS/Y + Y/0.1S•100%


see Figure 2

see Figure 2


see Figure 3

see Figure 5


see Figure 4

see Figure 6

  • Measurement Time:

standard operation

approx. 30 msec per frequency step

with noise reduction

approx. 60 msec per frequency step

additional optional delay time

settable from 3 msec to 300 msec / frequency step (for high-Q measurements)

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