Portable Radon Analyzer FYCDY-PR30



New Radon Monitor with PIPS Detector and Sniffing Mode

FYCDY-PR30 is designed based on the pumping electrostatic collection energy spectrum analysis method. It adopts a new generation of high-sensitivity,
high-resolution Passivation Ion-Implanted Planar Silicon (PIPS) Detector to quickly capture the changes of radon concentration in real time.
FYCDY-PR30 adopts mainstream industrial-grade MCU Control analysis and industrial-grade display control platform, combined with advanced alpha energy spectrum analysis and other technologies, to ensure the accuracy, stability and reliability of the measurement. It can provide remote upgrades, navigation monitoring, mobile charging, and more expanded functions.

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The Sensor measures: Radón

1.    Pump suction electrostatic collection alpha energy spectrum analysis method.
2.    Good resolution for alpha particles, high sensitivity, high signal-to-noise ratio, low leakage current, sturdiness and durability.
3.    Based on industrial-grade high-performance CORTEX M4 architecture micro-controller design, using RTX real-time operating system for multi-tasking software design, high operating efficiency, stable and reliable.
4.    Using high-speed multi-channel signal sampling, capture nuclear pulse information quickly and accurately, improving the detection efficiency of radon gas at high concentrations significantly.
5.    Industrial grade 5.0 inch touch screen, resolution 800x480, brightness adjustable.
6.    The measurement period is short, the recovery is fast, and it can quickly respond to changes of radon concentration.
7.    Real-time dynamic display the spectra.
8.    Measure temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure automatically.
9.    Precise constant current sampling, flow can be set, automatic monitoring of sampling load resistance.
10.    Dynamic constant humidity function to ensure that the measurement data is not affected by humidity.
11.    The instrument can realize remote firmware upgrade, easy to maintain.
12.    Multifunctional USB communication, charging port, support mobile charging.
13.    Built-in printer.
14.    Low power consumption, built-in lithium-ion battery, support 30h battery life, expandable.
15.    Small size, light weight, easy to carry

1.    Detection object: Rn-222 (radon) and Rn-220 (thoron)
2.    Detector: PIPS (φ30mm passivation ion implanted planar silicon)
3.    Multiple measurement modes such as radon concentration in Air, Soil, Water, Radon Exhalation Rate and user-defined.
Single point measurement or continuous measurement optional.
4.    Sensitivity: ≥0.018 cpm/(Bq/m3)(0.65cpm/(pCi/L)) (10%RH humidity)
5.    Lower detection limit: ≤ 1Bq/m³
6.    Measuring range:
Radon in Air: 1~1000000Bq/m³
Radon in Soil: 100~1000000Bq/m³
Radon in Water: 0.002~1000.000Bq/L (optional)
Exhalation Rate: 0.001~60.000Bq/( m²• s) (optional)
7.    Air extraction method: active pumping
8.    Data storage: standard storage 30000 sets of data, the data capacity of measurement results and spectral line can be expanded.
9.    Working environment Temperature: (-10~+50) ℃
Humidity: ≤95%RH (+40 ℃)
10.    Power supply: Li-ion rechargeable battery, support work for 30h continuously
11.    Weight: about 4kg for the host machine and 10kg for the accessories
12.    Host size: (292×232×259) mm

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