ECO2 Flow, Level, Water Quality Logger Battery Powered Logger



ECO2: Flow, Level, Water Quality Battery Powered Logger

The ECO series Logger cellular/WiFi is a reliable and high performance data logger.
It can be easily deployed across a wide range of water and wastewater applications, such as hydrants, manholes, meter vaults,  bunkers, pump stations, etc.

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System Architecture

 -  Completely Self Contained
 -  Robust Outdoor, Compact Construction
 -  High Capacity and Flexibility
 -  High Accuracy and Reliability
 -  Transient Pressure Detection and Data Logging
 -  Quick Installation
 -  Easy Setup
 -  Smart Function
 -  Auto Data Collection, Cloud Storage, WEB Operation and Monitoring
 -  Security

The RTU controller has a Built-in pressure, I/O module, cellular, WiFi, GPS, barometer and RS485 modules.
The RS485 port is able to connect level, water quality digital transmitters or to third party Modbus RTU devices.
Ultra low power consumption is ensured with battery or solar power for over 10 years of continuous operation.
Housing in provided in a robust IP68 water submersible enclosure
The Flow, Level, Water Quality, Weather, Structure Logger is perfectly used in a frequent flood underground chamber that allows for harsh temperature and humidity outdoor environmental use.

ECO Series

The ECO Series is fully integrated with cellular, Bluetooth, RS485 communications, providing seamless connections from sensors and I/O to public or private networks.  
     AQWEB/AQOPC Station

- Notebook with AQCFG software for configuration
- AQWEB WEB Server software for configuration, automatic data acquisition and storage, remote monitoring, alarming, control, Google Earth fusion display, data analysis, transient pressure analysis, time series trend graph and tabular report functions
- Seamless SCADA software and database connectivity via AQOPC OPC server
- Application interface library for developing user customized software

    ECO Wireless Logger and Controller  

- Periodically sample digital transmitters, I/Os and serial devices, logged with time stamp
- Borderless cellular and WiFi communication
- Peer to peer communication

    SMR Smart Digital Sensor and I/O Module  

- RS485 serial communication
- Standard Modbus RTU protocol
- Up to 1.2 Km transmission distance

Pressure Sensors Range: 0~20 Kgf/cm2; accuracy: ± 0.1 % FS
Digital Input 2 pulse counter or status inputs
Digital Output 2 relay outputs or 1 pulse output
RS485 Port Connects up tp 8 SMR digital sensors and 1 H2O water quality spectrometer
Communication 4G, GPR
Log 16 MB Flash, 2,000,000 records
1 second to 24 hours, rotating store
Normal, alarm and turbo logging mode
Power pressure hose (1/8" quick fit coupler, 1.5 m)
Alarm HH, H, L, LL 4 level threshold, SMS text meassage
Interface RS485, 115,200 bps, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit
Environmental Operating -40 to 85oC
Protection IP68
Housing Material ABS
Dimensions Φ 110 x153 (H) mm
Weight 0.9 Kg
Support Software AQCFG Configuration and Calibration Software
AQWEB Web Based SCADA Software
AQOPC OPC Server Software

- Ultra Low Power Consumption, up to 10 Years of Operation on Internal Battery
- Supports Sub 2" Pipe Insersion Hydraulic Power Generator to P rovide Always On Control and Real-time Data Communication
- Robust IP68 Enclosure, Solution without Cabinet
- Operating Temperature: -40~85°C, 0~100% RH Operating Humidity
- Cellular Communication, No Field Data Collection
- Auto Delivery Incomplete Uploads to Ensure No Data Loss
- Simultaneous Acquisition of 8 Smart Digital Sensors, Built-in I/O Modules an d Pressure Sensors
- 0.001 sec Auto Detection Transient Pressure, Water Hammer, Pipeline Burst
- IF_THEN_ELSE, Time Table, Alarm Output and Manual ON/OFF Control for Valve, Pump, Gate and Dosing Pump
- Built-in Standard Modbus TCP Communication Protocol
- Integral FTP Protocal, Directly Upload Log Files to User Servers
- Standard OPC Server Software to Seamlessly Connect SCADA Software and Database
- Cloud Based Platform for Configuration, Operation, Monitoring, Alarm, Control and Data Analysis

Order No. Description
SMR01-1 Digital pressure transmitter (0~1 Kgf/cm²)
SMR01-2 Digital pressure transmitter (0~5 Kgf/cm²)
SMR01-3 Digital pressure transmitter (0~10 Kgf/cm²)
SMR01-4 Digital pressure transmitter (0~15 Kgf/cm²)
SMR01-5 Digital pressure transmitter (0~20 Kgf/cm²)
SMR01-6 Digital pressure transmitter (0~35 Kgf/cm²)
SMR01-7 Digital pressure transmitter (0~60 Kgf/cm²)
SMR03-1 Digital free chlorine analyzer (0~5 ppm)
SMR03-2 Digital free chlorine and pH analyzer (0~5 ppm)
SMR04-1 Digital pH and temperature analyzer (0~14 pH)
SMR05-1 Digital ORP(Redox) and temperature analyzer (-1,000~1,000 mV)
SMR06-1 Digital temperature transmitter (Immersion)(-40~85 °C)
SMR06-2 Digital temperature transmitter (Insersion)(-40~600 °C)
SMR07-1 Digital conductivity and temperature analyzer (0~5 ms/cm)
SMR07-2 Digital conductivity and temperature analyzer (0~50 ms/cm)
SMR07-3 Digital conductivity and temperature analyzer (0~0.1 ms/cm)
SMR08-1 Digital TDS and temperature analyzer (0~100 ppm)
SMR08-2 Digital TDS and temperature analyzer (0~1,000 ppm)
SMR09-2 Digital dissolved oxygen and temperature analyzer (optical)(0~20 ppm)
SMR10-1 Digital turbidity analyzer (0~20 NTU)
SMR10-2 Digital turbidity and temperature analyzer (0~100/1,000/4,000 NTU)
SMR11-1 Digital salinity and temperature analyzer (0~100 ppt)
SMR12-1 Digital suspended solid analyzer (0~200/5,000/10,000 ppm)
SMR13-1 Digital humidity transmitter (0 ~ 100% RH; -40~85 °C)
SMR14-1 Digital differential pressure transmitter (0~0.25 Kgf/cm2)
SMR14-2 Digital differential pressure transmitter (0~0.5 Kgf/cm2)
SMR14-3 Digital differential pressure transmitter (0~1 Kgf/cm2)
SMR14-4 Digital differential pressure transmitter (0~5 Kgf/cm2)
SMR14-5 Digital differential pressure transmitter (0~10 Kgf/cm2)
SMR15-1 Digital barometer transmitter (-40~85 °C; 10~1,300 mbar)
SMR16-1 Analog input module (4-20 mA, 2 channels)
SMR16-2 Analog input module (4-20 mA, 4 channels)
SMR16-3 Analog input module (4-20 mA, 8 channels)
SMR17-1 Counter input module (2 channels)
SMR17-2 Counter input module (4 channels)
SMR17-3 Counter input module (8 channels)
SMR17-4 Digital input module (2 channels)
SMR17-5 Digital input module (4 channels)
SMR17-6 Digital input module (8 channels)
SMR18-1 Digital output module (2 channels)
SMR18-2 Digital output module (4 channels)
SMR18-3 Digital output module (8 channels)
SMR19-1 Vibration wire input module (1 channel)
SMR19-2 Vibration wire input module (4 channels)
SMR20-1 Digital gate and valve position transmitter (pulse encoding)
SMR20-2 Digital gate and valve position transmitter (potential)
SMR21-1 Digital nitrate (NO3-) and temperature analyzer (1~1,000 ppm)
SMR22-1 Digital camera (2 Mega pixels) , RS232 interface
SMR22-2 Digital camera (2 Mega pixels) , RS485 interface
SMR23-1 Digital ammonium (NH4+) and temperature analyzer (1~1,000 ppm)
SMR24-1 Wind speed and direction transmitter (0~60 m/s)
SMR25-1 Flow transmitter (2 channels)
SMR26-1 Digital nosie analyzer (0~100 dB)
SMR27-1 Digital smart Chloride(CL-) and temperature analyzer (0~1,000/3,000/6,000 ppm)
SMR28-1 Digital smart Nitrite (NO2-) and temperature analyzer (0~1,000 ppm)
SMR29-1 Rainfall and intensity transmitter (0.2 mm)
SMR30-1 Digital pyranometer (0~2,000 W/m2) (300~1,100 nm)
SMR30-2 Digital pyranometer (0~2,000 W/m2) (280~4,800 nm)
SMR31-1 Digital Ultrasonic Level Transmitter (0.2~4 m)
SMR31-2 Digital Ultrasonic Level Transmitter (0.25~6 m)
SMR31-3 Digital Ultrasonic Level Transmitter (0.3~8 m)
SMR32-1 Digital Cadmium (Cd++) and temperature analyzer
SMR33-1 Digital Copper (Cu++) and temperature analyzer
SMR34-1 Digital Lead (Pb++) and temperature analyzer
SMR35-1 Digital Chlorophyll Analyzer
SMR36-1 Digital Blue Green Algae Analyzer
SMR37-1 Digital Fluorescent Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM/FDOM) Analyzer
SMR38-1 Digital Hydrocarbons Analyzer

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