LaiPen LP 110

LP 110



LaiPen LP 110 can work in two operation modes:

  • Single sensor mode - reference measurement is taken before, after or during measurement with the same instrument;
  • Two sensor mode - second instrument is used for automatic logging of reference signal.

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LaiPen LP 110

LaiPen LP 110 measures Leaf Area Index (LAI), which is defined as the one-sided green leaf area per unit ground surface area (LAI = leaf area / ground area, m2 / m2) in broadleaf canopies. The LaiPen LP 110 calculates LAI and other canopy structure attributes from solar radiation measurements made with a wide-angle optical sensor. Measurements made above and below the canopy are used to determine canopy light interception at five angles, from which LAI is computed using a model of radiative transfer in vegetative canopies.
The LaiPen was designed by scientists and engineers to provide its user quick and reliable results. Unlike in other similar devices measuring LAI, the LaiPen LP 110 is accurate in most daylight conditions and does not require cloud cover or specific sun angles for its proper performance.

Key Features:
 -   High sensitivity
 -   Integrated sensor for measuring foliage inclination
 -   Measurement of five different acceptance angles - light is taken from five different zenith angles to create one reading
 -   Fast and easily repeatable measurements with instant readouts
 -   Manual and automatic measurement
 -   Lightweight, robust and battery-powered with simple two-button operation
 -   Large internal data storage
 -   USB and Bluetooth communication
 -   Integrated GPS module

-    Studies of canopy growth and productivity
-    Studies of forest dynamism
-    Research on air pollution or insect impact on foliage health
-    Great for rapid, repeated measurements and for large plant screening programs
-    Remote sensing
-    Global carbon cycle

 -   Comprehensive software with data collection, analysis and visualization
 -   USB and Bluetooth communication
 -   Visualization and data transfer routines to Microsoft Excel
 -   Regular firmware updates
 -   Integrated GPS module

FluorPen software (exe)

USB Driver for LaiPen (exe)


Small, portable notebook (type according to current availability on the market).

Standard Tripod

Tripod holder providing with the flexibility to pick the ideal location for automatic readings in open plot.

Carrying Rod

Rod for measuring above shrubs and undergrowth.

Substitute USB Communication Cable

Substitute USB cable allowing connection between the "pen" devices and a PC (the device is delivered with one USB cable, which is included in the device price).