2YL-RH20-4M Humidity Log (1 Temperature Sensor, 1 Humidity Sensor)


Grant Instruments


External temperature and humidity sensors, 100mm long probe. 4 Million readings, operating range -40 to +90ºC, IP65 rated.
Supplied with YoyoLog View software, USB lead and long life battery.

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Environment of Use Indoor/Outdoor
Type of Logger Miniature
Measured Parameters T/HR
Number of Channels 2: Temp + Rel. Humidity
ADC Bits 20 bit
Precision -40 to +90ºC
With Display No
IP Classification IP65
Communications USB
Battery Life 4 years
Memory Capacity 4 million readings
The Sensor measures: Temp./Rel. Humidity

• Rugged IP65 housing
• Ideal for Ambient RH measurement
• Status LED: - Indicates Alarm - Low Battery Warning
• Internal Humidity and Temperature sensors

Software YoyoView (YY-100)

The basic software (YY-100), included with the logger, is suitable for configuring the logger, downloading basic data and exporting data. The yoyo logger can be connected to laptop or PC via a USB port.

It is also available for download here:

Dimensions (d x h) 50 x 30mm
Ambient temperature range -40 to +90ºC
Measuring range -40 to +90ºC
Accuracy ±2% RH and ±0.3
Internal sensor resolution 0.01K
Signal input -
Memory capacity (readings) 4 million
Active start
Sensor type 1 x Temperature, 1 x Humidity

Humidity Sensor
(Internal abd External)

0 to 100% RH/0.01% RH

Barometric Pressure Range & Resolution

Intervals 1 second to 24 hours
IP rating 65
Battery type LITH-12

Battery life (Logging Speed)
1 minute

4 years

10 seconds

230 days
1 second 25 days
Robust, shock proof
  • Environmental monitoring

Room temperature monitoring, water temperature survey (rivers, lakes), outside temperature, research projects involving trees, ice

  • Drying processes

Food processing and manufacture; paint drying processes; curing monitoring

  • Production

Humidity monitoring of seeds during production, pharmaceutical products

  • Logictics and transport

Monitoring of temperature and humidity conditions during transportation and warehousing for various goods such as frozen food, pharmaceuticals, live stock, chemicals

  • Storage

Storage rooms for medical, pharmaceutical products (qualification), chemical products

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