Meatrol AO-Mi550 Handheld Three phase Power Quality Analyzer



 The Mi550 handheld three phase power quality analyzer connects  externally with open type Rogowski coils or voltage type CT's.

 It is suitable for:
- realizing non-dismantling wire tests
- simplifying test steps
- saving construction costs
- engineering tests
- inspection and maintenance of distribution systems

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Environment of Use Indoor
Type of Logger Electric Power
Measured Parameters V, A, W, Wh, Hz, VA, VAr, THD, deg
Application Energy
With Display Color LCD
Communications Ethernet

Support systems of single-phase and three-phase.
It can measure multiple electrical parameters such as current, voltage, power factor, power, energy, and power quality parameters including harmonic, unbalance degree, voltage swell and voltage dip, etc.

 In addition to its measurement functions, the Mi550 is equipped with various records, such as waveform records and programmable interval measurement value records. To store and record data, it is internally embedded in a 32 GB memory card.

 With the standard configuration of RJ45 Ethernet communication interface, through standard Modbus TCP protocols, the Mi550 is compatible with various configuration systems and can transmit the electrical parameters collected by the front end to the system data center in real time.

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