SD-15A Inert Loop Spray Dryer




SD-15A Lab scale spray dryer is equipped with inert loop system to handle organic solvents safely. Furthermore, it conserves resources and environment due to its functional principle,it can be used to dry the samples of aqueous solutions and organic solvents.

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It assembles many of new designs, for example, small shape for free moving, combining air compressor and electrical heater inside the cabinet, sight glass for inspecting. PLC controller with English operation interface.

  • Safety:

SD-15A Inert loop spray dryer features good safety and easy operations as it adopts closed cycle of nitrogen (or other inert gas), a safe gas, to keep the entire system in a closed state,and on-line monitoring of oxygen concentra tion such that the system would power off automatically and alarm when the oxygen concentration has reached 2.5% (which can be preset by the user as needed).
The combination of closed nitrogen cycle and full solvent recovery allows treatment of flammable and toxic solvents and drying of readily oxidizable material. In addition, the low boiling points of organic solvents allow low tempera ture drying of the material subject to heat denaturation.

  • Principle:

To safely spray dry inflammable solvents, a new operating principle is employed which uses a combination of the Spray Dryer SD-15A and the Inert Loop to provide a closed loop circulation under inert conditions.The absence of oxygen prevents the formation of a ignitable mixture. At the same time, the solvent contained in the gas stream is cooled and consequently condensed. The regenerated flow is then re turned again to the spray dryer.

  • Solution to difficulty to dry organic solvents:

While organic solvents are generally flammable and explosive, an explosion-proof, Inert loop spray dryer allows the materials to circulate in a closed drying system and prevents the organic solvent gas from coming in contact with the outside air, thus ensuring safe operations.
Solution to difficulty to dry oxydizable material
Taking advantage of the antioxidant property of inert gas,this technology allows the materials to be dried and transmitted in an antioxidant environment in the closed circulation system isolated from oxygen, which ensures quality of the drying pro cess for readily oxydizable material. Solution to toxic gases pollution from raw materials
While some materials or solvents may produce toxic gases when vaporized, an mini spray dryer with closed cycle of inert gas would keep these toxic gases in the closed system and allow them to be collected in subsequent processes, thus re ducing environmental pollution, which is favorable for environ mentalprotection.

  • Easy to use:

PLC automatic control, One-click boot.
Color Touch Screen, Fast setup & cleaning times Scale up to pilot or industrial scale possible.
Visible process due to glass assembly Adjustable particle size (1 - 25 microns)

  • Two Fluid Nozzle with SUS316L stainless steel:

The stainless steel spray assembly consists of an inner tube for the liquid sample leading to a small diameter jet. An outer tube directs compressed air to the nozzle. All units are supplied with 0.7mm jets, other sizes are available as accessories. The spray assembly incorporates an automatic de-blocking device that prevents the jet nozzle from becoming blocked, the de-blocking needle is activated by an integral compressor. De-blocking is sometimes necessary with materials which may solidify or when large particles in suspension cause blockages in the jet.

  • The following solvents have been tested and can be used without reservation:

- Methanol
- Ethanol
- Toluene
- Hexane
- Acetone
- Ethylacetate
- Dichloromethane.
Additional DLSB recommended.

  • Controls & Functionality:

SD-15A mini spray dryer is designed to ensure that all functions are simple to select and adjust, to quickly achieve the optimum conditions for spray drying. The operator can control the following functions:
- Inlet Temperature
- Gasflow Volume
- Pump Speed
- De-blocker Frequency.

  • Areas of application:

SD-15A mini Spray dryer can be used in a wide range of applications where the production of a free-flowing powder sample is required. This technique has successfully processed materials in the following areas:
- Beverages
- Flavours & Colourings
- Milk & Egg Products
- Plant & Vegetable Extracts
- Heat Sensitive Materials
- Plastics
- Polymers and Resins
- Perfumes
- Ceramics & Advanced Materials
- Soaps & Detergents
- Blood
- Dyestuffs
- Foodstuffs
- Adhesives
- Oxides
- Textiles
- Bones, Teeth & Tooth Amalgam and many others.




220V, 50/60 Hz

Min. outlet temperature


Evaporating capacity




Max. Inlet temperature


Heater power


Temperature precision


Nozzle jet

0.7mm standard/(0.5/0.75/1.0/1.5/2.0mm available)

Nozzle type

Two fluid nozzle

Possible particle size range


Mean Residence time

1.0-1.5 sec.

Operation mode


Max. Sample feed


Minimum sample volume


Spray chamber material

SUS 304 Stainless Steel

Cyclone separator material

SUS 304 Stainless Steel

Receiving tank material

SUS 304 Stainless Steel

Body material

SUS 304 Stainless Steel

Seal of cyclone/cylinder


Gas Type

N2 (for Solvent) or Compressed air (for aqueous)






7-lnch LCD display for Heat, Spray, Pump, Air pressure, de-blocker frequency

Inert loop (for organic solvents)