CDH-SD1 Meter, conductivity, TDS and salt with data logger




Meter, conductivity, TDS and salt with real time data logger on SD card

  • LCD with green backlight
  • Measurements of conductivity, TDS or salt
  • Real time data in memory (SD card included) SD card recorder
  • Automatic calibration (solutions are sold separately)
  • Interface RS232USB (cable optional)
  • Automatic temperature compensation

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The CDH-SD1 is innovative and easy to use. What distinguishes the CDH-SD1 model other conductivity meters is that a data in SD card recorder incorporates in real time. The CDH-SD1 measures the conductivity, the TDS (total dissolved solids) or the concentration of salt using an electrode of carbon for a life bar long. Downloading data from the SD card in an Excel data sheet allows the user to perform analysis of data or additional graphics without the need for special software. The CDH-SD1 model offers a wide variety of applications ranging from the conditioning of water, aquariums, manufacture of fish farms to the processing of food and drinks, photography, galvanized, educational laboratories, and other types of laboratories and paper industries.

Pantalla: LCD de 52 x 38 mm (2,04 x 1,5') con retroiluminación verde intercambiable

200 uS, 2, 20 o 200 mseg.
TDS: 200, 2.000, 20.000, o 132.000 PPM
Sal: 0 a 12% (% por peso)

Tiempo de muestreo:
1 segundo a 8 horas, 59 minutos, 59 segundos
Manual: pulse el botón del registrador de datos para guardar los datos una vez
Tarjeta de memoria: Tarjeta de memoria SD
Compensación de temperatura: Automática de 0 a 60 °C (32 a 140 °F), factor de compensación variable de 0 a 5,0% por °C
Actualización de pantalla: @ 1 segundo
Salida de datos (RS232/USB): Con cable/software opcional

Temperatura de funcionamiento:
0 a 50 °C (32 a 122 °F)
Sonda: 0 a 60 °C (32 a 140 °F)
Humedad de funcionamiento: Menos de 85% de HR
Potencia: 6 pilas alcalinas 'AAA' (incluidas) o adaptador de alimentación de 9 V (opcional)
Consumo de corriente: 14 mA CC (sin tarjeta SD o retroalimentación), 49 mA (todas las funciones)
Peso: 489 g (1,08 lb)
Instrumento: 177 de altura x 68 de ancho x 45 mm de profundidad (6,96 x 2,67 x 1,77')
Sonda: 22 diá. x 120 mm de largo (0,86 x 4,8')

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