BM-PUSH-BUTTON Tempo Disc™ Bluetooth Push Button Data Logger


Blue Maestro


Our Tempo Disc ™ Bluetooth® Low Energy Push Button Sensor and Data Logger is designed to record and log button push events. Each push of its brightly colored button is logged and timestamped and this log can be accessed by iOS and Android smartphones and internet gateways.

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Number of Channels 1 channel (temperature)
With Display No
IP Classification Indoor IP50
Communications Bluetooth BLE
Battery Life 1 year +
Memory Capacity 4,000 button pushes
The Sensor measures: Temperature

The latest 3rd Generation Tempo Disc™ Bluetooth® Low Energy button push sensor and data logger
Represents one of the most powerful, feature packed and cost effective Bluetooth® Low Energy button push sensors and data loggers on the market today
Senses and logs when the button is pushed and logs the event
Advertises when a button has been pushed which can trigger alerts or alarms
Utilises Bluetooth® Low Energy (also known Bluetooth 4.0 and previously as Bluetooth Smart) technology
Compatible with iOS and Android running iOS 7 or greater or Android 4.3 or greater operating systems
Innovative Blue Maestro UART command line interface allowing readings to be extracted and settings updated quickly and easily from any iOS or Android smartphone
Free apps available on the App Store and Google Play

The most common applications for the push button are:

  • Time and motion analysis
  • Recording when tasks have been carried out for record keeping purposes
  • To alert when restocking of supplies is required
  • To alert when maintenance of machinery or equipment is required
  • Act as a "man down" alert wearable that can be worn on the wrist or on a lanyard around the neck that can be programmed to trigger an alarm or assistance for risk employees when they push the button
  • Act as an alert for assisted living patients who can generate alerts for assistance when they need it

The data structure of the Push Button Sensor and Data Logger is open allowing easy integration into third party applications and internet based solutions.

Designed, developed and manufactured by Blue Maestro they achieve world class range, battery life and reliability by utilizing top quality components such as the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 System on Chip that has at its core the ARM Cortex M4 processor with 64k RAM and 512k Flash and the Johansson omni-directional ceramic antenna.

Software development kits
We provide Software Development Kits by way of iOS and Android source code can be found in Blue Maestro's Github to assist in the development of custom iOS or Android applications. The iOS and Android source code examples are based on Blue Maestro's own apps available on the App Store and Google Play. They enable you to develop your own applications to scan for Bluetooth® Low Energy "advertisement" "packets from our sensors and data loggers parsing them for their telemetric data, the extraction of information by forming a temporary connection with the sensors and the implementation of Blue Master's innovative UART command line interface providing unparalleled flexibility in changing the settings of our Bluetooth® Low Energy sensors and data loggers from any iOS or Android smartphone.

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