CSEC Series Economy Temperature Calibration Sources



Accurate temperature measurements are essential if you need to meet standards, regulations or guidelines. Ensuring that your thermometers are reading accurately is an essential part of this process and using a reference calibration source, such as the CSEC series can help you achieve this.

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The CSEC Series is an economical range of temperature calibration sources and is available in three versions, each of which provides a very stable and very accurate temperature output that is ideal for the calibration of probe thermometers and measuring instruments. of general use temperature.

  • For use with probe thermometers
  • Standard front 7 hole probe insert
  • PID controller with platinum film sensor
  • High precision and stable temperature source
  • Temperature adjustable by the user
  • User-adjustable ° C or ° F screen

The CSEC series coveres a range of temperature values. The table below details these, allowing you to choose the most appropriate version of the temperature calibration source for your application.

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