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STE-ETO-3 Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer




MRC Sterilization Autoclaves are available as benchtop or vertical models, for laboratory, hospital, university, dental & clinical use. Available in sizes ranging from 1 liter, 8 liter, 16liter up to 300 liter.

Class B & Class N autoclaves

The class B autoclave has vacuum cycle. It is the highest class autoclave , which is conforming to the most stringent demands and therefore can be unrestrictedly used for sterilization of all possible loads for all kinds of sterilization the packaging (solid , hollow road type A and hollow road instruments with wrapped and unwrapped). A “class B" autoclave must in any case pass a Helix test as per EN 13060 by test body per EN 867-5:2001 According to expert opinion, that can only be achieved with According to expert opinion, that can only be achieved with Post vacuum drying provides complete drying of porous loads and hollow instruments at the end of the sterilization process.

The class N autoclave does not have vacuum cycle. If you only sterilize unwrapped non hollow instruments, you only need an autoclave capable of running class N cycles.

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Working equipment external ambient temperature: 5-60C
The equipment sterilization room temperature: 20-60C arbitrarily set.
Temperature accuracy: ± 1C
Vacuum pressure: -7 ~ -70Kpa , arbitrarily set.
Sterilization time regulation range: 1-9h, arbitrarily set.
Sterilization humidity: 60%-80%, arbitrarily set.
The number of rows of residues: arbitrarily set.
Resolution time: arbitrarily set.
Clean: arbitrarily set
Voltage: 220v/50Hz

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