AO-HT-A3 Infrared Thermal Imaging night-vision device




Outdoor Night Vision Telescope with Multifunction Infrared Thermal Imaging

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Type of Instrument Infrared camera
---------- INDUSTRY ------------ Night Vision Device

This infrared thermal camera combines the functions of surface temperature and real-time thermal imaging.

It is professional, accurate and efficient. Infrared thermal magnet that can mix visible and infrared images.

Adopts advanced uncooled focal plane infrared detector and optical quality lenses as its core
Used in wildlife watching, search and rescue, night patrol, outdoor sports, personal safety, etc.

Probe type: uncooled focal plane
Resolution ratio: 384x288
Focal length: 25mm
Eyepiece: single eyepiece display (diopter compensation is adjustable)
Field Angle: 14.9 ° x11.2 ° ;
Digital Zoom: 1X 2 X 4X
Wavelength coverage: 8 μm-14 μm
Thermal Imaging Frame Rate: 25Hz
Color palette: rainbow / heat red / heat black
Focus mode: adjustable
Image storage: BMP
Battery: built-in rechargeable batteries
USB: Micro USB
Working time: 6 hours
Shutdown time: 5 minutes (automatic shutdown time)
Product size (length × height): 186x68 mm (with eye patch)
Working temperature: 0 ℃ - 45 ℃
Storage temperature: -20 ℃ - 60 ℃

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