AO-WPS-R1 CCTV Video Camera for deep water detection and water finder (200m to 300m)



CCTV security inspection camera for water well, detect deep water and water finder.

1. ¢58mm, pan 360° rotation camera.
2. IP68 waterproof camera
3. 15 inch monitor
4. Winch: Manual Winch
5. 300m cable option (select in product attributes, below the price)
6. Meter counter, DVR, Keyboard typing.

4 495,00 €

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Sensor IP Rating IP68
---------- INDUSTRY ------------ CCTV Video Camera
Technology: Well Inspection
Style: Water Well Camera
Type: Video Camera
Sensor: CMOS
HDMI Format: 480P
Horizontal Resolution: 480tvl

This product is suitable to inspect pipelines, sewer, air ducts, tanks, underwater and others dark environments, check the internal cracks, corrosion, welds, plugs and other unusual circumstances.
It has been widely used in detection fields such as municipal pipelines, electricity, telecommunications, field investigations and disaster rescues.

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