LS-10 Leaf Temperature Sensor Type ΔLA-B (weight: 2 gr)




The LS10 (ΔLA-B ΔT Leaf-to-Air-Broadleaf type) is a highly precise sensor for continuous measurements of temperature differences between leaf surface and ambient air.

ΔLA-B Leaf temperature sensor for broad leaves. Extremely lightweight. Direct, highly precise and continuous measurements of leaf-to-air temperature difference, range +/-20 °C.
Spatial signal integration via multiple measurement points. Suitable for leaf sizes > 3 cm length.
Operating temperature -25 to 70 °C.
Complete with 5 m sensor cable.
Standard configuration:
- Complete with pluggable 5 m sensor cable extension, extension may be to up to 20 m.
- Cable configuration: bare end.

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The Sensor measures: Temperature in the Leaf
Output Signal: mV
Cable Length: 5 meters

The signal is captured by means of a very thin chain (10-fold) of thermocouples. Distributed over the leaf surface, multiple measurement points are directly touching the leaf surface, providing a spatially integrative temperature signal. Designed for broad leaves, the sensor is mounted at the leaf with a light-weight wire frame.


    Precise and continuous measurement of leaf-to-air temperature difference
    Multiple measurement points distributed over leaf surface, spatially integrative sensor signal
    Sensor output in mV, recordable with most of the common data loggers, no calibration is needed for signal transformation in °C
    Minimal load on the target, no injury to plants
    Installation resistant against wind and rain
    Leaf size and shape specific ordering possible


    Not suitable for leaf sizes smaller than 2 cm


    Complete with 5 m cable
    Fixing materials and installation tools

Options / Ordering Information

    Cable extension (50m max, please specify in meters)
    If necessary, adjustments for different leaf sizes and shapes are possible
    Available Data Logger with integrated light, air humidity and air temperature sensors.

Name LS-10 ΔLA-B : ΔT Leaf-to-Air Sensor, broadleaf type
Application position,
suitable for leaf size
Leaf surface, standard size for leaves between 2 to 8 cm length
Principle of
Chain of thermocouples, 10-fold
Options Distance between measurements points at the leaf surface and measurement points in the air adjustable
Output signal type mVolt
Range of the sensor ΔT = +/- 20°C
Accuracy Depends on data logger (OPCIONAL):
DL 80: +/-(0,04% x Messwerte+0,015)°C; CR1000: +/-(0,06% x Messwerte+0,01)°C
Resolution DL 80: 0,0008 °C; CR1000: 0,0025 °C
Size and weight 3 cm x 3 cm x 0,1 cm, ca. 2 g
Standard cable length 5 m, max. 50 m
Operating conditions Air temperature:-25 to +70 °C, (CR1000: 0 to 40°C), Air humidity: 0 to 100%

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