3680WD1 WatchDog 1200 Irrigation Stations (2 External Sensors)

WatchDog 1200 3680WD1

Spectrum Technologies


Requires external sensors

299,00 €

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With Display LCD
Battery Life 1 year

Micro stations are the economical option to record environmental conditions over a period of time. Whether your needs are plant disease alerts or soil moisture monitoring, the WatchDog 1000 Series Micro Station will deliver the information you need for timely and accurate data that will translate into higher profits.

The display confirms station operation and provides sensor readings. View current temperature during a frost event, or soil moisture before watering - without downloading to a PC. Customizable with up to four unique external plug-in sensors.

Change monitoring parameters from one season to the next, simply by connecting a different sensor - keeping investment costs making more profitable decisions.

We also have a waterproof box to protect the micro station from the elements.

- LCD screen showing current battery level and sensor readings
- Select measurement intervals from 1 to 60 minutes
- Record of 10,584 intervals (220 days in 30 minute intervals)
- Water resistant case
- 12-month battery life (CR2450, included)

External measurements only, these models do not contain internal sensors

Operating temperature range: -4 to 140ºF (-20 to 60ºC)

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